You can make a difference in a child and it will last a lifetime!

Just imagine 8 year old Liam saying, “I used to feel scared when my parents fought all the time, but I told them about it and they listened to me. NOW, we’re all getting along better, even though we have 2 houses. I’m so glad we came to this program!”


And 13 year old Brandon saying, “Thanks to this program, I told my mom and dad that I really wanted them to both come to my swim meets, like all my friends’ parents. They both showed up and all my friends noticed! I was finally like everyone else! I told them how cool it was that they were both there and they assured me not to worry, that they figured it out and will always both be at my swim meets or whatever other things I have going on.”


Or 15 year old Carmen saying, “I have lived through lots of deployments when my dad was gone for months and months, but now my parents are divorced and it’s really different. This program helped me talk with my parents, and they listened! Now they understand why I was struggling so much. I’m feeling much better about myself, them and life. Thank you!”


At Kids’ Turn San Diego, children learn new ways to understand their family situation and find new ways to express their feelings and parents learn new strategies to handle challenging situations that change relationships in positive ways.

Thank you for making a gift today and for changing the lives of Liam, Brandon and Carmen and all their friends! (See below to make your gift today)


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