What families are saying


“Kids’ Turn San Diego has been so influential in my life and my growth as a father to my three children and a better husband to my wife. I communicate with my co-parent only via email but I know that is the best way for us to talk. Thank you for helping me realize that always considering my son is the best way to proceed.”        - Parent, Family Workshop “I now know how to talk with my family about my feelings and I can trust and be confident with what I tell them.”       - 14 year old, Counseling program “I learned about how to communicate with my child and spouse about deployment and what they could be feeling from the separation.”      - Military Spouse, Peak Performance Family Class “Counseling helped me feel much more confident and helped me figure out how to fix bad situations.”       - 12 year old, Counseling program “The Family Workshop was very insightful. It was enjoyable to share and listen to other parents and learn from one another. My take away from this program is that it is critical to continue to show our children how to cope, adapt, lead, love and be compassionate towards one another, as they are future parents!”        - Parent, Family Workshop