Success Stories

Kids’ Turn San Diego changes family relationships in positive ways so children experiencing family separations have happier childhoods and brighter futures!


Family Workshop participant, 8 year old Angie shared . . . 

              “In the car last week, I told my daddy that I wished more than anything in the

            world for him and my mommy to come to my school play together. I couldn’t

            believe it! When I walked out on the stage, I saw them . . . sitting next to each

            other in the front row! I couldn’t help it . . . I just kept on smiling!”


After attending the Family Workshop, 10 year old Jesse proclaimed . . .

               Thanks to this program, I figured out a way to tell my mom and dad that I really

            wanted them both to be at my baseball games, like all my friends’ parents. They 

            both came to my game last Saturday for the first time since they got divorced two

            years ago! My friends even noticed and it was awesome! Oh and I hit a double!”


Fifteen year old Carmen participated in 17 counseling sessions at Kids’ Turn San Diego and told us . . .

           “I have lived through lots of deployments when my dad was gone for months and

           months, but now my parents are divorced and it’s really different. This program

           helped me talk with my parents, and they listened! Now they understand why I

          was struggling so much. I’m feeling much better about myself, them and life.

         Thank you!”