Family Workshops

Since 1996, Kids’ Turn San Diego has been helping San Diego families reduce family conflict through its Family Workshops.

Family Workshops are unique as they bring the family together to learn the same skills at the same time with each parent participating in a different group and the children grouped by age.

Parents learn how their words and actions impact their children, and new ways to communicate with their co-parent.

Children are split into groups by age. They instantly learn that they are not alone, and that the divorce or separation of their parents is not their fault. They also learn new ways of expressing their feelings to their parents. 

The Workshops are eight and a half hours long, split into 4 sessions.  Attendance at all four sessions is required to graduate and make up sessions are not allowed.

Please note that any court order to “Complete Kids’ Turn” or “Complete a Co-Parenting Class at Kids’ Turn San Diego,”  refers to attending a Family Workshop.  Our Family Workshops are for court ordered and voluntary (not court ordered) families.