About Us


Kids’ Turn San Diego Overview

Kids’ Turn San Diego is a caring non-profit organization for children and parents experiencing family separations or military transitions. We offer specially designed programs facilitated by trained and experienced mental health professionals and credentialed teachers for never married, separated and divorced families, step-parents and children and families experiencing military related transitions.

Children who attend Kids’ Turn San Diego programs oftentimes feel like “they do not belong or fit in” due to their family situation and think they are the only child faced with these challenges. The moment children step into our programs, they immediately see other children “just like them” and quickly learn that their family situations are similar to others. Children discover their voice and learn how to share their thoughts and feelings with their parents. Parents learn new strategies to promote healthy communication and how to put their children at the forefront of family decisions.

“I feel more comfortable telling my parents how I am feeling and things are getting better for our whole family”  (child, age 7)