Kids' Turn San Diego has been helping children and families transition through family separations for over 27 years.

At Kids’ Turn San Diego, we provide a continuum of care that includes our Family Workshops for Separated and Divorced Families, a co-parenting program for parents and their children ages 5-17, Counseling for Children, a refresher class called “Continue the Conversation” for Family Workshop parent graduates and/or their new spouses and Cooperative Co-Parenting, a program for parents in high conflict relationships to learn ways to manage emotional triggers and to avoid them all together. We believe children deserve the best of their parents and that children deserve to live in happy homes.

Our Programs

Family Workshops for Separated and Divorced Families

The Family Workshop is a co-parenting program that changes family relationships in positive ways. Children learn new ways to understand their family situation, creative ways to express their feelings and that they are not alone. Parents learn strategies of how to best help their children transition through separation and divorce and how to handle challenging situations in new ways. 

The program is most effective when parents and children attend together, but it is not required for both parents to attend the same Family Workshop. Family Workshops are offered monthly throughout San Diego County. Each Family Workshop includes four consecutive classes for separated, divorced and never married parents and children ages 5-17. Families without and with a court-order attend this program. The Family Workshop is a court approved co-parenting program for both the in-person and virtual programs. During the time period of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the health of our community, this program is being offered VIRTUALLY.

Creating Brighter Futures for Children Counseling Program

Individual counseling services for children experiencing family separation, divorce or military transitions. Counseling can help your child with: family changes and transitions, communication, conflict resolution, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, teen related challenges and many other situations related to family separation. In most situations, Kids’ Turn San Diego recommends families attend our Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families before seeking counseling for a child. During the time period of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the health of our community, counseling services are being offered VIRTUALLY.

Cooperative Co-Parenting

Classes focused on reducing conflict between parent going through separation, divorce, and/or custody issues. Parents participate in 3 sessions, learning about emotional triggers and strategies to overcome them. Parents will also learn strategies and skills to help them communicate and cope with the other parent, as well as educated on the dynamics of parenting between two homes. 

Our Other Programs

Continuing the Conversation for Parents

Continue the Conversation for Parents is a 2 hour class for parents who attended a KTSD program and who want an opportunity to review the skills originally learned by attending this advanced refresher class. Participant feedback: “This is a great class that is interactive. It was fascinating and I learned many helpful suggestions and ideas and was reminded that it is all about my kids!” and “This small class was really helpful. I sort of remember learning some of the skills but the owning your problem chart is something that I am going to use all the time!” 

New partners/spouses are welcome to attend this class with former program participants. Classes are offered on the third Thursday of most months.

Visit the “Other Programs” section of our website to learn about the next Class.

Peak Performance Military Family Groups

Peak Performance Family Groups are built on the premise that military members and spouses have very different experiences, even though they are a part of the same military family. Classes offer opportunities to connect in a new way, build empathy and understanding, and teach new coping and communication skills to both parents and children. Parents learn new tools and strategies to reduce relationship challenges and worries over future deployments, how to approach family stability and quality of life in new ways and learn how to implement family activities that focus on healthy family relationships. Children engage in art and music activities focusing on identifying the strengths of their family and themselves.

Adult Children of Divorce
Community Series

Sometimes we have no idea how our parents’ divorce will affect us. Remember when you were a kid and had to go from house to house? Or perhaps your parents divorced when you were in college and you now have to figure out how to split your time between them? 

Or maybe you’re married now and have no idea what you’re supposed to do as a married person. All of this is normal for adult children of divorce! This 2 hour class offers practical tools that give you the power to make things better for you! 

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