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Your sponsorship helps create a society where children feel happy, heard and understood! ​

  • During our Family Workshop Program, children learn how to express their feelings and thoughts about their family situation, so they worry less about adult problems and focus more on being a kid
  • Children learn that the divorce is not their fault, freeing them up from self-blame
  • Children realize that there are other kids just like them – living in divorced families or in two homes and they feel accepted. When children feel like they belong, they are more likely to have healthy peer relationships and to do well in school
  • Parents gain insight about their words, actions and behaviors and learn skills, strategies and techniques that promote effective co-parenting relationships and healthy parent-child interactions

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Sponsoring Children and Their Parents Heroes

A Fair Way Mediation Center is committed to putting families first throughout the divorce mediation process.  Together with Kids Turn San Diego we work to build a strong foundation for both parents and children as they move through difficult times to create a positive outcome.

Scott Levin and San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law stands with Kids’ Turn San Diego to strengthen, nurture, and support at-risk families and youth.

Sponsoring Children and One Parent Heroes

Heroes Supporting the Family Workshop Program