Cooperative Co-Parenting San Diego Registration Form

(formerly Cooperative Parenting San Diego)

Cooperative Co-Parenting is a high conflict co-parenting program. Children do not participate and, if co-parents are both registering, they must attend in different months. If you have children between the ages of 5-17 and are court ordered to Kids’ Turn San Diego or our Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families, our co-parenting program for the whole family, as children attend the program too, please visit “What We Do” and scroll down to “Family Workshop Registration Form”.

This registration form is for the Cooperative Co-Parenting program only. 

Each parent must complete their own registration form

Mailing Address(Required)
The program Workbook is 45 pages. Do you prefer we mail it or do you prefer to print the workbook?
Name of Co-Parent(Required)
Information required to ensure that co-parents do not attend the same Class.
Choose Your Cooperative Co-Parenting Class(Required)
Were you court ordered to attend this program or are you attending voluntarily?(Required)
What percentage of the responsibility for the problems/challenges in your current co-parenting relationship is yours?(Required)

What type of relationship would you like to have with your co-parent?(Required)
Please list the ages of your children
Have you attended the Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families?(Required)

Program Participation Consent

I hereby consent for myself to participate in the Cooperative Co-Parenting Class at Kids' Turn San Diego. The purpose of the Cooperative Co-Parenting Program is to increase awareness and practice of positive co-parenting approaches through a small group setting that allows for the time and space for parents to learn co-parenting skills and strategies to reduce co-parenting conflict and to learn about emotional triggers and ways to avoid them for parents who experience family separation and divorce. Co-parents do NOT attend at the same time. By providing co-parent information, you authorize Kids' Turn San Diego staff to ensure that your co-parent is not in the same Class. I agree and give my consent to participate in the three session, 7.5-hour Cooperative Co-Parenting Program. I understand that, within the bounds set by law, information, communications, observations and opinions derived from this program is considered confidential and that Kids' Turn San Diego Staff are mandated reporters of child abuse, elder abuse and child exposure to domestic violence. I understand that after successful completion of the program, I will receive a certificate of completion. I also understand that the program may be described in written publications, but that no information will be provided that could identify any individual participants in the program without their written consent. I agree that neither myself nor anyone representing me shall call on any staff persons involved in this program during or after my participation in the Kids' Turn San Diego Cooperative Co-Parenting program to provide either written or oral testimony at a deposition or in court on any issue related to my family. Neither I nor my representatives will subpoena any records from Kids' Turn San Diego for any purpose. I waive any right that I may have to call such person or subpoena such records in this or any action that is or may be filed. Further, all documents produced in the class become the property of Kids’ Turn San Diego. I give my consent for Kids’ Turn San Diego to use artwork, images or quotations made by me in brochures, literature or other public relations activities, but understand that I will not be identified by name. I understand that the facility used for the class is in no way responsible or liable for any action associated with the Cooperative Co-Parenting program. I understand that the registration payments are non-refundable, but in an extenuating circumstance, I may have my payment transferred for participation in a future class. I have signed below indicating that I have read, understand and agree to the above information.
I Consent (Required)
Tuition for the Cooperative Co-Parenting Class is based on your honest answer about your household income. Parents in a military family receive a 10% military family discount. A $50 discount is offered to all parents who have attended the Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families at Kids' Turn San Diego and will be refunded after attendance is confirmed.