KTSD's 2023 Virtual Giving Tree

Children are happier and families are getting along better this year and YOU can make this happen for even more children and their families! Kids’ Turn San Diego needs your help to guarantee every child and family who needs our programs will have access to our support! So far this year, we served over 500 parents and 230 children experiencing family separation. 

We are proud to present the 2023 Giving Tree adorned with ornaments made with love by KTSD families during our first ever Family Day event which created a space for our program graduates and their children to spend quality time together creating happy holiday memories and meeting other KTSD families. Each ornament created resulted in big child smiles. We hope you will check out each ornament on the tree and make a donation that ensures we continue to help children smile!

As we look to 2024, we reflect on the days before us and look for inspiration to those ahead. We invite you to join our path of inspiration. Please make a gift before December 31st and ensure every child and family has access to our programs! Please enjoy the ornaments made by KTSD families. Simply scroll over each ornament and the choice is yours! YOUR GIFT WILL ENSURE CHILDREN FEEL HAPPIER TODAY, TOMORROW, AND WELL INTO THE FUTURE!

Each month, children tell us what they learned. . .  

     “My parents’ divorce is not my fault.”

     “I’m telling my parents how I feel and I am happier.”

     “My parents are getting along better and being nicer to each other.” 

This may seem insignificant, but for children living in divorced families or two homes, these changes are profound. Your donation ensures that children all over San Diego County have access to these life-changing opportunities! Join us on our path of inspiration by making your gift today!