25 Stories for 25 Years

The year 2021 is a special year for Kids’ Turn San Diego, as it marks 25 years of providing workshops and counseling services for families experiencing separation or divorce. From our first family workshop in 1996, KTSD has grown and served thousands of families and children, helping to create positive relationships and making families happier! 

In support of our 25-year anniversary, KTSD is launching our 25 for 25 campaign. Throughout 2021, we will share 25 stories of inspiration from families that have attended our programs each year, as well as showcase how we plan to help families in the 25 years to come. Stories will be featured on this page and updated on a monthly basis. 

Journey along with us and learn more about how KTSD has a positive, long-term impact on families experiencing separation, as well as how you can help us to continue to support families for years to come.

Kids' Turn San Diego's Impact - 25 Years Served, 25 Years to Come!