Kids' Turn San Diego 8th Annual Night at the Padres Event

Thank you for supporting our 8th Annual Night at the Padres Event! We are sad to share that due to COVID-19, we had to cancel this year’s event.

However, we are happy to tell you about our incredible event sponsors. Children and families need our programs more than ever and our Sponsors stepped up to meet the need!

Sponsorships were converted to donations as a way to keep our programs operational and available for families. Our 8th Annual Night at the Padres Sponsors are ensuring that children and families have access to our virtual Family Workshops for Separated and Divorced Families. Like Kids’ Turn San Diego, our sponsors didn’t think twice!

They are committed to changing family relationships in positive ways so children like Elizabeth are happier.

Elizabeth and her parents graduated from the virtual Family Workshop in April. Elizabeth has lived in a high conflict home for many years and has witnessed aggression towards her dad and siblings. At the program graduation, Elizabeth’s mom said, “I learned what I did wrong in the past, what I’m doing right now and I learned that I need to repair and forgive.” Elizabeth created a poster through an online design system that we provided and it read, “Thanks to Kids’ Turn San Diego, I learned how to make myself and others better. I also learned how to form better relationships with my parents.”

We are currently working remotely and offering our programs through virtual meeting platforms. Children who are receiving counseling are now engaging with their counselors through phone sessions or virtual meetings. We shifted our March Family Workshop half-way through to virtual programming and April and May are being offered completely virtual. In the next week, we are rolling out a series of new virtual programs focusing on understanding and responding to child’s needs, self-care and creating happy homes during sheltering, as a way to further assist families in managing the pandemic.

As you can see, our mission of helping children and families continues, full force!

Kids’ Turn San Diego is incurring extra costs to run our programs virtually, such as purchasing technology that is HIPPA compliant and protects confidentiality, costs of mailing program materials to parents and their children and hours of dedicated staff time to create program videos for the children and to develop new programs to help families manage the impact of COVID-19, HOWEVER, WE ARE NOT PUSHING THE EXTRA COSTS to our participants.  Matter of fact, any parent who has been financially affected by COVID-19 can attend our Family Workshop Program for a deposit of only $50 with a promise to pay the balance when they return to their jobs.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors for your commitment to children and families experiencing family separations and divorce! 



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