With 50% of marriages ending in divorces, it is common to either be a child of divorce or know someone who has experienced it. As children, many experiences after the divorce seemed normal, but adults are beginning to open up about their childhood and understand the unique difficulties that children of divorce went through. In a recent article by Buzzfeed, Raven Ishak gathers some of the most interesting and revealing answers to the question, “Those who are a child of divorced parents, what is something that those of us raised in a single house don’t understand or consider?”

(Please note that Kids’ Turn San Diego does not endorse the profane language used in the article. We do, however, support the experiences shared by the children of divorce)

After reading this article, our Executive Director, Cindy Grossman, shared her own experience as a child of divorce. Cindy wrote, “When you grow up to be a parent and realize that you have no idea how to parent your child as a two parents living together…My parents divorced when I was 8 and when my daughter was 9, I was operating like a single parent. Good thing my husband grew up in a two-parent home and we figured it out! Our daughter will be 22 next month and we will be married for 27 years in October. Could have easily gone another way!”

What are some ways that life has been different for you, either as a child of divorce or a parent experiencing divorce? We would love to hear it and support you!