Every month at Kids’ Turn San Diego, we host a Family Workshop for Separated and Divorced Families. As a part of the workshop, children are given the chance to express their thoughts and feelings through artwork.

For our blog post this month, we would like to share the wise words of a 5th grader named Emily and her optimistic perspective on life. Emily’s father was abusive to her mother. She grew up never meeting him and having a mother who struggled with unresolved PTSD. Despite the trauma that has happened in Emily’s life, she has learned to be resilient and, more importantly, full of joy. Emily’s words are powerful and relevant even if you’re not a 10-year-old in school! We hope her story and words uplift your spirit and bring positivity into your life!


By Emily (age 10)

In my life I have had moments where I want to give up, but then I realized if I don’t give up and just think positive, I can get it done faster. Lots of times, I have had my moments where I say “I can’t do this” but then I tell myself “NO, I CAN’ do this. When you tell yourself you can’t do something you are thinking negatively, which is not a good thing to have in your life and it can cause many problems. When you think positive and tell yourself “You can do this.  I’m not giving up.”, good things will happen in your life. It is good for you and your brain to be able to learn new things without being scared or wanting to give up.  And that’s why you shouldn’t think negative – just think positive.

Why you should be positive is because it will make your life better than it already is. Like if you are going through a hard time and saying I can’t do this.  Well then you are not thinking positively which you need to do. 

If someone is bullying you at school, or telling you they don’t want to hang out with you anymore, don’t just walk away and cry. Just say, “I’m a valuable and an important person and worthy of the respect of others.” Because if anyone is going to talk bad about you or be mean to you, it doesn’t matter. If you have just one great friend, that’s okay because one friend is better than lots of friends.

If people in the real world call you weird, or say you can’t do this because you have a disability or you’re a different gender, just ignore them because you can be anything you want no matter what because the person you are makes you special in your own way even if people don’t see it. 

Just know being positive about things can help you a lot and so can believing in your beliefs.